PJ Schmitzphi psi chapter photos-11

Year – 3rd

Major – History

Phone – (480) 295-5314

Email –

As President of Phi kappa Psi, I am fortunate enough to serve the California Eta chapter as a leader in all areas of our chapter. When I first came to college I had very little knowledge of Greek Life and participated in recruitment at Phi Psi based solely on a want to enhance my social experience in college. However, after pledging myself to the chapter I learned how much more it has to offer. I have made lifelong friendships and have been given the opportunity to take leadership positions that I now credit as the greatest benefit to developing me into the man I am today.

I have the opportunity to interact with all our members on a personal level in their journey through college. There have certainly been many difficult situations that arise from a position with such responsibility but as a chapter we have been able to face any challenge head on. Serving as President has been one of the most rewarding and educating experiences I have been fortunate enough to have with the support of our entire chapter behind me.


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